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Proto Design Labs

Fully integrated DCC Decoders for KATO UNITRACK Turnouts

Fit inside bed - Easy installation with only two solder connections - Designed to prevent shorts - No wiring required - Quick and easy layout setup - Perfect for fixed and temporary layouts - NMRA tested - Programming on the main - DC and RailCom® compatible

The DCC turnout decoders are currently available for the #4 turnouts in N scale. More decoders for Kato Unitrack turnouts in N and H0 gauge are in development. Next will be H6L and H6R for the #6 turnouts in HO scale.

With Proto Design Labs‘ integrated digital decoders, a layout can be quickly plugged together and operated with only one connection cable. No hassle of connecting lots of cables and extensions. No tracks to run over cables that can cause derailments. And no more need for switch levers. Model railroading can be that simple.